Sunday, June 05, 2011

Our newest addition at Upper Clements Cottages!

So, I haven't used Blogger in a year so I am a little rusty! My little editorial ended up at the bottom and I can't figure out how to get it to the top without re-typing it so scroll to the bottom first! And the pictures are all out of order too :(

Our RV with the deck that Gary built - 8 X 24.

Gary is 'harrowing' the field here - which I think means smoothing and breaking up the sod and getting ready to put grass sead down. Those posts in a line are the hook-ups for RVs - that is about all we'll have to show for all the $$$'s spent!

The sewer and water lines are in and, after a bed of sand the power goes in. There will be 5 poles in the park and the rest is underground.

Sand in, power in - ready to close up.

Hum - water in? Apparently the water in the trench is not a problem - good thing since it rained just about every day in May.

Getting the utility building off the trailer - notice Gary's tractor helping out. The utility building will house the laundromat and water/power utility stuff.

Utility building arrives. Gary was going to build this from scratch but we found a fabulous price on a pre-built and saves Gary alot of time. We will put some kind of siding on it.

Drilling for water - this was the first thing done after putting a partial road in - we have about 70 gallons a minute - apparently enough to supply the town of Annapolis Royal. This was the first good news we got after a bunch of other delays - much needed good news, especially since we had to drill 2 wells for the second set of cottages and still only managed to get about 2 gallons a minute!

The first part of the roadway - so the well driller can get in.

This is what the construction looks like from our deck and gives you an idea of how it fits on our property. Notice our RV to the left (with it's beautiful deck!)

Now for the stuff that should have been at the top:

Some of you know of our new development - a 30 seasonal unit RV park. I haven't been posting photos on facebook but thought I would update everyone here. We have had this in the back of our minds for awhile - how to expand without building more cottages - way too expensive and way too much work - i.e. cleaning, taking reservations, etc. With the RV park, it is still way too expensive - LOL!, but once folks are in for the season, we don't need to do anything else - they mow their own grass and, of course, no cleaning for us. To get the RV park going we decided to buy an RV ourselves and put it in - we will rent that on a nightly basis. The rainy spring definately slowed down our progress on the RV park, but things are moving along quickly now and we hope to be open by July 1st at the latest. We hope to be able to attract at least a few RVs for this season, but we'll be up and ready for May 15th next year.


Frank Brown said...

Wow! Big job, I'm tired, and broke just looking at it.

Anonymous said...

looks good, but to many people for me!